Confidentiality agreement/Terms & conditions/Liability

What happens in the group, stays in the group

It takes a lot to open up and be vulnerable enough to honestly share our experience. In order to be fully respectful to everyone’s privacy, please do not share anything that is said within the community, outside of our community.

As the saying goes: “Treat others, as you would like to be treated” 🙂


Please do not share any content that you receive in your monthly membership

Keep anything that we create for you in your paid membership private. If you feel inspired to share what you are accessing, refer your friends & family to our membership sign up page here so they can join and enjoy the resources:

Referrals will be celebrated and you’ll benefit too!  For every referral you send us (that signs up, and stays a member for 3 full months) we’ll offer you a free 30 minute private coaching session with Jennifer as a token of thanks.


Be responsible for your wellness

Jennifer Young, the guest experts or Jennifer Young’s team members are not responsible for any person’s results, nor are they responsible for any person’s actions or decisions. Please know that Jennifer Young is not a therapist, psychologist or medical professional and that all information and content shared is  for inspirational and motivational purposes only.  This program is not meant to be a substitute for appropriate medical care and consultation.


Your secret is safe with us!

Our Facebook group is in the ‘secret’ category so no need to worry about people you know, finding out that you have joined this membership site if you want this information to stay private. As mentioned above, we take confidentiality very seriously and want to make this space as secure and comfortable as possible so that you can truly evolve on this journey.


Any member who does not respect the terms and conditions above will be removed from the membership community.